About Us

We are a bunch of IT enthusiasts who do not believe in the norm.

Having been around since 2006, we have evolved from a ICT support enterprise to an independent software company offering a full range of services. Along the way, we have seen tremendous evolution in various parts of the tech industry except for point of sales.

Many POS system come at a relatively high price. What’s even more discouraging is that some systems despite their steep price point do not fit your business needs or are not updated at all.

So here we are, having developed a solution that we hope meets both your business needs and budget. Having been a POS system provider for the past 10 years, we have simplified our existing system to cater to the needs of SMEs. Besides being cloud based, we made sure that MoolahPOS is user-friendly and requires no IT expertise to run.

We have done away with the aspects that hike up our cost such as marketing, agent fees and in turn pass on the savings to you.

On that note, we hope that our solution delivers the best bang for your buck.

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