What We Offer

Our POS solution is tailored to meet the needs of startups and growing retail and F&B businesses. Simple yet powerful, we are here to support your growth at minimal cost to your business.


Cloud based

Monitor the growth of your business anywhere, anytime.


For as low as RM1 a day

Starting off your business? Expanding into multi-stores? Fret not, we have just the thing for you. For as low as RM1 a day, opt for a plan that suits the needs of your business.


Understand your business

In-depth insight of your business readily available 24/7 to help you make critical business decisions.


Easy inventory management

Never lose track of your stock with our comprehensive POS inventory management system.


No training required

Easy to use interface with minimal training required.


Supports add ons and integration

Add ons and integration is fully supported on our system for you to easily connect your POS to other functions i.e. accounting, staff management.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Moolah?
    Moolah solution is a comprehensive, cloud-based POS system that helps your business achieve operational efficiency. You can run the system on any tablet to enable easy management of sales, inventory, employees clock in-clock out, loyalty programs and targeted promotions - all at the click of your fingers.

  • Which plan is suitable for my business?
    There are 3 plans to choose from to fulfill your business needs at an affordable monthly or annual subscription. We recommend that you choose a plan that meets your business requirements today and upgrade as your business grows.

  • What are the system requirements for Moolah?
    You can operate Moolah from any web-enabled device that has a web browser.

  • Can I operate Moolah from my mobile / tablets / PCs?
    Yes! Moolah is a full cloud solution that can be used on any computers (PC, Mac) and mobile devices (Android, iPhones, iPads) which have compatible web browsers. However we recommend running the system on a tablet for the best user experience.

  • Do you provide hardware?
    No. We are a pure software provider. You can install Moolah on any web-enabled device that has a web browser. This provides flexibility for our customers as you might want to opt to run Moolah on your existing devices.

  • Can Moolah POS work offline?
    Am I entitled to system upgrade and do I need to pay for it? How do I upgrade? Yes. Since Moolah is a cloud based system, you will always be running on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and do not affect your data. There is no need to pay for any upgrades.


  • Is there a trial period and do I need to pay for it?
    Yes you can try out Moolah for a period of 14 days at absolutely no cost! Sign up here https://moolahpos.com/pricing

  • How do I subscribe?
    Once your trial ends, you will be redirected to a payment page to subscribe for a plan that fits your business.

  • Do you restrict features by the type of plan I subscribe to?
    Regardless of the type of plan that you opt for, all features in Moolah are available to you. We tier the plans based on the cloud storage space that is required by your business so you can grow along with Moolah.

  • What payment method do you accept?
    Moolah accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.

  • Is there a minimum subscription period?
    You can opt for either monthly or annual subscription. If you cancel your subscription for any reason, Moolah is unable to provide you with a prorated refund for the rest of the period that you have paid upfront. You will continue to get access to Moolah for the remainder of the month / year you paid. The cancellation however will take effect immediately after the billing cycle ends.

  • Can I cancel / unsubscribe at any time if Moolah POS is not suitable for my business?
    Yes you can cancel anytime via a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Do you provide physical setup service?
    We do not provide on-site support. However you may reach out to our support team via email at [email protected] and we will guide you along the way.


  • Can I import and export data into Moolah?
    Yes, you can bulk import into or export from MS excl or CSV file the following data:
    • Suppliers
    • Customers
    • Purchases
    • Products
    • Sales
    • Stock report
    • Expenses

  • I am facing issues with the system, how do I get the necessary support from Moolah?
    Feel free to reach out to our support team via WhatsApp at +6018-6688167 or email us at [email protected] for any operational support that you might need.

  • Can multiple users access my Moolah company files at the same time?
    The number of users that can access your company’s files simultaneously depends on the type of plan that you have subscribed to.

  • Is there a Moolah app that I can download?
    Moolah is web-based at the moment so no app download is required.

  • Can I have more than 1 company under a Moolah account?
    No. You can only have 1 company file under each account. However you may have multiple locations no matter which plan you subscribe to.

  • What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?
    If you decide to cancel during the 14 day trial, we will delete all data from our servers immediately. Please make sure you have saved all the reports before you cancel your account.

    If you are a paying Moolah subscriber, we will give you read-only access to your data for 1 month, after of which we will delete all data from our servers. ***

  • I forgot my password and / or my user ID. How do I recover this data?
    Please click on “Forgot your password” to set your password If you forgot your user ID, please drop an email at [email protected] to retrieve your email.